Icelandic horses

A couple of weeks ago Canon and Focus Magazine took me and three other finalists to Iceland to make our final images for the Canon Grand Prix 2016 competition. I cannot share any of my final images yet, but I can share some photos I made of Iceland’s iconic inhabitants: the Icelandic horses. These rugged animals are kind and very curious, and I was very happy we were able to make a few stops during our road trip to photograph them.

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I’m still, I’m still an animal

As an animal lover, it is always a treat when I get to meet some furry friends. Although Iceland may be best known for its horses, there are also other animals like reindeer (which we saw but I didn’t get to photograph as they were on the side of the road where it was impossible to stop), puffins (although I’m not entirely convinced they’re not just a legend), seals and dogs!

Check out this cutie patootie horsing around:


At Jökulsárlón, Iceland’s famous glacier lake, I crossed path with this seal:

And when we got out of the car to hike to a ‘secret’ waterfall, this fluffy chap showed up and lead the way – a bit like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. He stayed with us the entire time, all the while running through the river, rolling in the dirt, barking at birds, and simply sitting happily. When we left, he also left with us. The fact he stayed with us, and that there was no one else around for the majority of the time, made the entire afternoon magical.


Let me photograph you in this light

When we realized we hadn’t done a shoot together for over a year, Charlotte, Kathleen and I decided it was high time to get together ‘just like in the old days’. And what better backdrop than the gorgeous blossoming cherry trees in my street?

charlotte-dig-1 charlotte-dig-2 charlotte-dig-3 charlotte-dig-4 charlotte-dig-5
Some behind the scenes for funsies:
charlotte-behindthescenes-1 13116101_10153366836185059_6755103648000746162_ocharlotte-behindthescenes-6 charlotte-behindthescenes-5

Model: Charlotte @ IMM
MUA: Kathleen Van Walle
© Els Vanopstal