Yaelle at the Serpentine

Had a short impromptu shoot with Yaelle a while ago when I was in London visiting my sister. The outdoor Serpentine Gallery seemed like an interesting location, and it was. Too bad we had little time left before dark and that the weather gods weren’t with us: it kept raining incessantly! That couldn’t spoil the fun, though. :)

yaelle-at-the-serpentine-1 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-2 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-3 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-4 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-5 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-6 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-7 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-8 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-9 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-10