When the dust has cleared (I)

As mentioned before, a while ago I had a shoot with my muses Charlotte & Yaelle. I will start off by sharing some of the analog photos I made with Yaelle, and show some digitals of Charlotte in a next post. The basic concept for this shoot was creating patterns on skin with spices, making them almost look like jewelry. If I recall correctly, I think Yaelle had the ‘honor’ of having black pepper and paprika powder pasted on her skin. Looking back, we could have done this with things that aren’t, well, spices, but the whole point of the shoot was doing something with food. I had to derive from the original concept though (because in my mind everything is possible but in reality this doesn’t always work out that way), so we somehow ended up in a different direction than originally intended. I still like some of the images though, and I did learn a lot from this shoot. And as Edward Phelps said: “The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything.”

Model: Yaelle
Make up & hair: Kathleen Van Walle
© Els Vanopstal

Do you want to go to the seaside?

Does anything breathe more ‘summer’ than a day at the beach? Walking with bare feet in the sand, collecting shells, feeling the wind blow though your hair, wading through the water… Thought I must admit, I may have a bit of a romanticized view on being at the seaside, as I only ever went there either when on holiday or in an impulse when the weather in Belgium happened to be too good to not take advantage of it fully.

This was one of those days. How could I say no to one of the only days of good weather this summer? So in a sudden high, I asked my favorite makeup artist, one of my favorite models and my favorite (and only) boyfriend if they were up for it and there it was. A lovely day at the beach, taking pictures and having fun in good company. What more can a girl ask for?

Model: Charlotte @ Model’s Office
MUA: Kathleen Van Walle
© Els Vanopstal

The day will see if you will get some

There is something about nighttime that really gets my creative juices flowing. No other time of ‘day’ I get so much ideas and images in my head. Projects I want to bring to life. Many of which do not sound doable (at all) the next morning. As if the light coming through the windows affects my conception of what is possible and what is not. As if dreams seem more likely to come true at night.

Perhaps it is because I find something soothing about moments after midnight. The city sleeps and I am up, thinking. Letting my mind run free. No one around to say I should stop, so I don’t. Besides, everyone else is dreaming, too. I just do it with my eyes open.

The moment comes and it is mine. The world stops. Serenity covers me with its warm blanket.

Goodnight everybody.

Model: Christophe
© Els Vanopstal