I’m still, I’m still an animal

As an animal lover, it is always a treat when I get to meet some furry friends. Although Iceland may be best known for its horses, there are also other animals like reindeer (which we saw but I didn’t get to photograph as they were on the side of the road where it was impossible to stop), puffins (although I’m not entirely convinced they’re not just a legend), seals and dogs!

Check out this cutie patootie horsing around:


At Jökulsárlón, Iceland’s famous glacier lake, I crossed path with this seal:

And when we got out of the car to hike to a ‘secret’ waterfall, this fluffy chap showed up and lead the way – a bit like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. He stayed with us the entire time, all the while running through the river, rolling in the dirt, barking at birds, and simply sitting happily. When we left, he also left with us. The fact he stayed with us, and that there was no one else around for the majority of the time, made the entire afternoon magical.


The hills are alive

It is springtime so I really have no choice but to flood my blog with images of nature-y stuff. About a week ago I visited the Hallerbos. It’s a forest in Belgium that has become internet famous due to the blue hyacinth flowers which bloom there every year. The past years I’ve always tried to visit it at least once. This year I already went twice and the second time especially was really magical. The flowers were everywhere, it was so beautiful. I hope my pictures do them justice.

_MG_2305 _MG_1969 _MG_2208 _MG_2051 _MG_2302_MG_2060 _MG_2151 _MG_2423 _MG_2427

My dog also really enjoyed roaming the forest (and eating sticks and rolling in the dirt):


And to say there were a few photographers would be quite the understatement.


Blooming cherry trees

Yes! It is finally that time of year when I get to enjoy the cherry trees in my street and their wonderful pink blossoms. They’re not all blossoming yet but it is definitely getting there. I’m going to soak them up as much as I can, as in two weeks I’ll have to wait another whole year to see them.

18april-1 18april-5 18april-9 18april-3 18april-11 18april-6 18april-12

Aurora timelapse

In February I visited Iceland for the second time with some friends. One of them actually mostly joined us for the opportunity to see the Northern Lights, aka Aurora Borealis. While I knew you can’t be sure to see them just by going somewhere north during wintertime, I was definitely hopeful. And our wishes were granted. The first night I noticed something in the sky that I couldn’t quite define. Was it a cloud? I took a picture with a long shutterspeed from the car (very artistic), and it revealed a green spot in the sky! I became the ‘aurora spotter’, pretty much pointing my camera to anything that slightly resembled this strange phenomenon. The second night, the spot became a curve stretching out from the left to the right. And the third night, we spent hours outside freezing our asses off. Because this is what we saw.

Aurora timelapse in Iceland from els vanopstal on Vimeo.