At the heart of it all

It is true: shooting digital is faster, easier, safer and gives you a whole lot of frames to choose from. There are times when I feel my film camera is just weighing me down, and as it is also heavy and slow, it has been getting left behind quite a bit lately. But honestly, when I think about it: I just can’t get over film. I just love the emotion of it. And while I love my 6×7 camera (Mamiya RZ67), maybe the square has had me from the start. So here is one from the archives, with model Renée Van Osta and makeup artist Kathleen Van Walle.

Yaelle at the Serpentine

Had a short impromptu shoot with Yaelle a while ago when I was in London visiting my sister. The outdoor Serpentine Gallery seemed like an interesting location, and it was. Too bad we had little time left before dark and that the weather gods weren’t with us: it kept raining incessantly! That couldn’t spoil the fun, though. :)

yaelle-at-the-serpentine-1 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-2 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-3 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-4 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-5 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-6 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-7 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-8 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-9 yaelle-at-the-serpentine-10

A walk with Julie and Jens

When I’m not shooting in a studio, I like to take people for a little walk around my neighbourhood. I guess I just like to keep moving, looking around for new scenery. The place I live is very suitable for this, as well. There is a green park with lakes and there are big buildings for a more urban look. There is lots of graffiti art underneath a highway, but not for from there, a small forrest. I feel very lucky to live there. And then I haven’t even mentioned the gorgeous blossoming cherry trees in Springtime! Ah… But I digress! A few weeks ago I had a chance to photograph the sweetest couple: Julie and Jens. Even though they’re still very young, you can just tell there’s real love there. Here is a small selection of photographs I made of them.

julie-en-jens-blog-3 julie-en-jens-blog-1julie-en-jens-blog-2 julie-en-jens-blog-4 Julie-en-jens-12blog julie-en-jens-blog-6