Got to be starting something

September. What better month to start off a new blog? It’s that time of the year when some go back to school, others back to work, and then some back to blogging.

I have had a couple of blogs before, but somehow I outgrew them. My interests changed, or the work I had been putting on there just didn’t seem representative to the person I had become. And now, after putting quite some thought into it, I have decided to make a fresh start.

Whereas before my love for writing had to make place for a new love, photography, I now feel like I am slowly finding my way back to the written word, whilst still keeping my passion for photography alive. Also I feel like I am coming closer to a turning point in my photography work. This year I have been focussing more and more on shooting film instead of digital, simply because it feels more real and basically more ‘me’.

I like to think of this blog as my own personal place on the world wide web, where I can on the one hand post photos in a more comprehensible way than on my tumblr, and on the other hand share my thoughts and ideas. And you are of course welcome to share your point of view or – if you’re not the sharing kind –  you can feel free to just sit back and relax. So lets go ahead, and see where this takes us.



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Someone Els.

6 Thoughts on “Got to be starting something

  1. It’s about time you returned to your old love of the written word!
    All those silly pictures always … ;)

  2. Hoi Els,
    Een dikke twee jaar geleden heb ik je ontdekt op het wereldwijde web. Sindsdien kan ik idd relaxen van je foto’s en je schrijfsels. Noem mij gerust een fan van je werk. Je liefde voor woorden heb ik de laatste tijd een beetje ‘gemist’. Met je nieuwe septembervoornemen kan ik je dus alleen maar aanmoedigen.
    Succes ermee!

  3. MDin Toronto on October 4, 2011 at 15:20 said:

    You’re so lovely here, tell us about the Mamiya – the results you get are wonderful!

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