The day will see if you will get some

There is something about nighttime that really gets my creative juices flowing. No other time of ‘day’ I get so much ideas and images in my head. Projects I want to bring to life. Many of which do not sound doable (at all) the next morning. As if the light coming through the windows affects my conception of what is possible and what is not. As if dreams seem more likely to come true at night.

Perhaps it is because I find something soothing about moments after midnight. The city sleeps and I am up, thinking. Letting my mind run free. No one around to say I should stop, so I don’t. Besides, everyone else is dreaming, too. I just do it with my eyes open.

The moment comes and it is mine. The world stops. Serenity covers me with its warm blanket.

Goodnight everybody.

Model: Christophe
© Els Vanopstal

One Thought on “The day will see if you will get some

  1. Ah, same here. Mijn hoofd kan een hele dag leeg zijn, maar als ik ‘s avonds in mijn bed kruip, dan komt de creativiteit naar boven. Volgens verschillende onderzoeken krijgen vrouwen ‘s nachts trouwens hun beste ideeën :-) O ja, “dromen met je ogen open”, da’s heel mooi verwoord!

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