Sunrays and saturdays

Some time ago – I cannot say if it was last week or the week before or perhaps even the week before that; time seems to get all blurred lately – I had my second shoot with the gorgeous redheaded Laura. I like working with models I’ve shot before, because there is already some sort of basic trust established. And trust is something that for me as a photographer is very important. I ask of my models to allow themselves to be fragile, to be open to being photographed as a human being, and not as a strong and perfect model -as they are otherwise mostly asked to. For me it only gets interesting when people let their guard down.  When they dare to be breakable amongst others. This to me, is beauty.

We were shooting in front of a window, when suddenly the sun came out and gave us some beautiful rays of light. This only lasted for a couple of minutes, but I was happy to catch it. And now I have those rays of sun, forever.

Model: Laura Theys
MUA: Kathleen Van Walle
© Els Vanopstal

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