Blue skies are calling

I think it’s time for another shoot update, no? Last tuesday I had a shoot planned with the lovely Lidia, and I was hoping from the bottom of my heart that it would not rain. I just had to shoot outside. I’m running out of vitamin D. I also think Lidia has such a natural beauty to her that a forest setting would be perfect to shoot her in. And, what do you know, I got lucky. We went to a nearby forest because we were afraid we were going to get rained on, but even though we started out with a lot of clouds, there were even some moments when the sun came out and shared her warmth.

If you notice anything different about these shots, it could be the fact that I got them scanned properly by a lab. I usually use my poor people’s method of just getting prints and then scanning those with an all-in-one printer. It’s actually pretty sad if you think about it. I’ve been shooting analog for one year and a half now, so it really was time for me to find out what real scans look like. And, well, I like it. A lot. They just instantly look so much better to me – especially when you view them large. What do you think?


Model: Lidia Nagibina
MUA: Kathleen Van Walle
© Els Vanopstal

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