How come you never go there

You may recognize the model in the next few photographs. Her name is Charlotte and I’ve shot with her quite a few times already now. I think it’s safe to call her one of the ‘regulars’, as I’ve known her from the beginning of her modeling carrier, back in the day when I was still shooting only digital and flash light. Funny how certain things can change so much and yet other things stay exactly the same. Anyhow, since I usually cast her as this angelic creature with long blond wavy hair, I thought we should mix it up a little bit this time and try something different.

The weather has been very unreliable here lately, so I was looking for an indoor location – but with enough light to shoot natural light. The MAS in Antwerp seemed interesting, even though I never went there before. We went, asked if we could take some pictures, and found ourselves on the eight floor where we had this wonderful view. Shooting this wasn’t easy though. I couldn’t be sure of my focus as I had all this light coming from behind her. Also the windows are bent and there are a lot of lines going on everywhere which makes it a bit more challenging to properly compose. I was also afraid there would be flares on every picture because of the way the light was hitting the lens. But to my surprise, none of this was the case. I’m actually rather happy how these turned out, especially taking everything in account. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Model: Charlotte @ Model’s Office
MUA: Kathleen Van Walle
© Els Vanopstal

One Thought on “How come you never go there

  1. Mario on May 22, 2012 at 03:34 said:

    Difficult location, indeed, it can be a bit odd to understand how the light breaks when it’s lots of glass surfaces angular towards each other. Great to get the sense that you’re always trying to rethink your approach, also pursuing different facets with the model. Yes, it’s what every artist would do, but it’s hard to keep pushing on that.

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