A wonder I can think at all

Not so very long ago I did something I had never done before in my life. I created an account and… bought something off ebay. More in particular, I bought an old Polaroid Land Camera 210. I had been yearning for one of these land cameras for a long time and I just ran out of patience. Then I saw this one. Patiently I waited until the last minute to bid on it and yay! I got it! It’s actually pretty exciting waiting there, hoping no one else will snap it away in the very last second. I mean, I really wanted it! I would have been heartbroken had someone come along and taken it away from me. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done. It probably would have involved me tracking down the buyer, sitting outside his house in my car spying on him with my night goggles…But I digress.

After I had ‘won’ it, there was more excitement to come! Will it arrive? Whén will it arrive? Will it arrive in one piece? Luckily for my blood pressure, the polaroid was sent quickly and it arrived at my home within a couple of days. Hours and ten layers of gaffer tape later (boy that seller really made me work for it), I inhaled the sweet smell of a 45 year old camera. Which smells a bit like attic. Okay, a lot.

Anyhow, the adventure just kept on coming in, as I put in a pack of fujifilm and asked (well, ordered) my boyfriend to pose for me.  Taking the picture itself (getting my boyfriend’s head to fit between two lines, whilst keeping an eye on the little squares that mark what will actually be on the picture), was peanuts! In comparison with getting the film in and out. But that wasn’t the worst part – the worst part is I’m an idiot. In all my enthusiasm I had forgotten to check the battery compartment, which turned out to be empty and above all completely corroded. Luckily the people at my photo store knew how to fix it and now, weeks after I purchased the thing: voila! A picture!

I guess the moral of this story is: even instant film can take a while when you’re an idiot. True, things didn’t exactly go smoothly for me, but now I’m damn happy I got it, and it’s working. More polaroids to follow.

PS: In my defense, the Mamiya I use to shoot most of my analog photos with, doesn’t even need a battery. You can see where I went wrong.

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