Basking in the sun

I have recently discovered Lingered Upon, the blog by photographer¬†Alice Gao, and I must admit, I’m quite smitten. Not only am I impressed by the beauty of her photos and stories, but also by the amount of posts! I took note that it is something I can improve in my own blog. Maybe I’m holding too much back. I only want to post my best work here, but then again, isn’t that what my portfolio is for? I started this blog with the intention of making it some kind of photo diary, but I don’t think that it stands up to that description right now. So here’s to blogging more! Starting off my new resolution with these photos I made today for my 365 project. Lying in the sun, I can think of worse things. And now I think I deserved some ice cream.

Basking-in-the-sun-1 Basking-in-the-sun-2 Basking-in-the-sun-3 Basking-in-the-sun-4 Basking-in-the-sun-7Basking-in-the-sun-5

4 Thoughts on “Basking in the sun

  1. Perry on August 21, 2013 at 21:50 said:

    LOVE the soft shadows, the framing of the photos and especially the third and fourth photos. They have a great mood

  2. Gorgeous series, Els. So very well done. And this post is a fine reminder for me to stop thinking so much and post more! Happy shooting.

  3. love love love them. So delicate

  4. Ik vind dit een fantastische reeks! WAUW WAUW WAUW!!!!! *impressed*

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