Tous tes gestes en douceur

I don’t usually do much assisting, but when fellow film shooter Johan Verhulst invited me to tag along on one of his shoots, I was more than happy to do so. He really makes beautiful work and is actually one of my favorite photographers in Belgium. The day of the shooting, it started raining the minute we brought the cameras out. But then luckily in the afternoon the sun came out and we got to shoot outside with lovely model Gabriella, beautifully made up by Kathleen Van Walle (you may remember her from a lot of my shoots).

When Johan wasn’t working with his Speed Graphic (a camera that is still on my wish list – drool), I was able to take a couple of shots with Gabriella. It’s always interesting to see the results when two photographers shoot the same subject, I guess it just makes you realize only you can make the work you make. No two views are the same. So voila, these are some of my results, you can check out Johan’s work over¬†here!

gabriella-6x7-10blog gabriella-6x7-7blog gabriella-6x7-8blog gabriella-6x7-12blog gabriella-6x7-11blog

2 Thoughts on “Tous tes gestes en douceur

  1. I knew these were yours before I read the information……lovely

  2. En heb jij nooit een assistent nodig ;-)

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