We’re the oil in this machine

If you are a film fan like me, you probably have already heard Fuji is discontinuing one of my favorite polaroid films: fp3000b. Now if you want me and other photographers to be able to shoot it in the future, please head over to this link and sign the petition that might make Fuji reconsider. It’s a long shot but there are a lot of people out there who will miss this film very much. So even if you don’t use it yourself, do all film photographers a big favor and sign the petition! It literally takes two seconds. Thanks to everyone who does so!!! (you know I never asked you anything before, right? :-))

This photo here was of course shot on fp3000b, and I think it really resonates what I feel. We must cherish our beloved film and keep the companies interested in making them. Now go sign that petition! Go I said! Goooo!


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