A twist in a strap

I admit: it has been hard for me to write. While the words tumble in my head, the truth is I am afraid. Daunted by the idea that once I get going, the words will never stop coming. That I will be forever free falling in this universe of black and white, of sentences said and things that I longed so much to hear unspoken. There are no words. That is what they said. And all I wanted was for someone to tell me the opposite. Someone to say something little that would feel like a hand grasping my shoulder tightly, an arm holding me up as I fight myself. As I hide myself.

So I take pictures. More and more. Details that need no comment. A twist in a strap doesn’t necessarily need fixing. Maybe it is the same with people. If you try to straighten them where they bend, they will never reveal their truth.


One Thought on “A twist in a strap

  1. Brian on August 22, 2015 at 19:06 said:

    I love this photo.

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