Icelandic horses

A couple of weeks ago Canon and Focus Magazine took me and three other finalists to Iceland to make our final images for the Canon Grand Prix 2016 competition. I cannot share any of my final images yet, but I can share some photos I made of¬†Iceland’s iconic inhabitants: the Icelandic horses. These rugged animals are kind and very curious, and I was very happy we were able to make a few stops during our road trip to photograph them.

icelandichorses-1 icelandichorses-2 icelandichorses-3ed icelandichorses-5 icelandichorses-6 icelandichorses-8 icelandichorses-9 icelandichorses-11 icelandichorses-14 icelandichorses-18icelandichorses-19icelandichorses-20icelandichorses-12

4 Thoughts on “Icelandic horses

  1. Perry on May 29, 2016 at 00:38 said:

    Unbelievable Wonderful and just awesome Wishing you all the best and I bet you enjoyed photographing those horses

  2. christian bailleul on May 30, 2016 at 20:27 said:

    awesome … such an inspiration for when I visit Iceland next year

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