An eternity of memories

Three years ago today, I lost my fianc√© Christophe to cancer. Just three years. Three already. The idea is absurd. This time feels like an eternity to me, as well as a blink of an eye. This all happened yesterday. But I’ve been missing him now, for so long. I cannot comprehend this time, and I cannot explain it. I cannot tell you how my heart feels today or how my stomach still turns at the thought of what he had to go through. And I cannot imagine how I’ll feel a year from now, or five, or ten. But by now I know one thing: time cannot heal all wounds. Sometimes we just get strong enough to carry them around. Even though there are times when we feel weak and broken, undeserving and scared, if you are reading this, you are still here. We are here. We are here. And I for one, am keeping all the memories.

5 Thoughts on “An eternity of memories

  1. perry w pawlyk on January 23, 2017 at 04:02 said:

    So very sorry too young Perry

  2. Hello Els, I came to this page from your Flickr page. Thanks for posting your photos, they are great. Thanks also for sharing, I’m really sorry to hear about Christophe – this post is touching and so true. Memories are good to keep, but really hard at the same time. Reading this and looking at your photos on Flickr have mad me really pensive and also grateful too.

    Thanks again.
    (P.S. I usually don’t write to people but your beautiful photos led me to your profile and the Stephen Fry quote – which is so true – and on and on until I got here – your words and pictures have moved me – thank you.)

  3. ‘And I for one, am keeping all the memories’. And that’s exactly what matters. If you never forget him, he will never be forgotten. All those moments have the ability to be lost in time (like tears in rain), but memories will never fade. You’re doing an awesome job at keeping up.

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