Basking in the sun

I have recently discovered Lingered Upon, the blog by photographer¬†Alice Gao, and I must admit, I’m quite smitten. Not only am I impressed by the beauty of her photos and stories, but also by the amount of posts! I took note that it is something I can improve in my own blog. Maybe I’m holding too much back. I only want to post my best work here, but then again, isn’t that what my portfolio is for? I started this blog with the intention of making it some kind of photo diary, but I don’t think that it stands up to that description right now. So here’s to blogging more! Starting off my new resolution with these photos I made today for my 365 project. Lying in the sun, I can think of worse things. And now I think I deserved some ice cream.

Basking-in-the-sun-1 Basking-in-the-sun-2 Basking-in-the-sun-3 Basking-in-the-sun-4 Basking-in-the-sun-7Basking-in-the-sun-5