A walk with Julie and Jens

When I’m not shooting in a studio, I like to take people for a little walk around my neighbourhood. I guess I just like to keep moving, looking around for new scenery. The place I live is very suitable for this, as well. There is a green park with lakes and there are big buildings for a more urban look. There is lots of graffiti art underneath a highway, but not for from there, a small forrest. I feel very lucky to live there. And then I haven’t even mentioned the gorgeous blossoming cherry trees in Springtime! Ah… But I digress! A few weeks ago I had a chance to photograph the sweetest couple: Julie and Jens. Even though they’re still very young, you can just tell there’s real love there. Here is a small selection of photographs I made of them.

julie-en-jens-blog-3 julie-en-jens-blog-1julie-en-jens-blog-2 julie-en-jens-blog-4 Julie-en-jens-12blog julie-en-jens-blog-6

Let me photograph you in this light

When we realized we hadn’t done a shoot together for over a year, Charlotte, Kathleen and I decided it was high time to get together ‘just like in the old days’. And what better backdrop than the gorgeous blossoming cherry trees in my street?

charlotte-dig-1 charlotte-dig-2 charlotte-dig-3 charlotte-dig-4 charlotte-dig-5
Some behind the scenes for funsies:
charlotte-behindthescenes-1 13116101_10153366836185059_6755103648000746162_ocharlotte-behindthescenes-6 charlotte-behindthescenes-5

Model: Charlotte @ IMM
MUA: Kathleen Van Walle
© Els Vanopstal