When in lockdown… Make some zines!

With some extra time on my hands during the lockdown, I got the idea to try and make a few zines. I have made some books before but zines seemed like a fun yet nice way to put some smaller projects on display.

So I decided to go through my archive and soon enough I got some ideas for different zines.

There was this citytrip to Lisbon in 2015, where I got mesmerised by all the pretty textures of the city, and that time I went to the Moroccan blue city of Chefchaouen and got to see all the friendly cats living there. Not to mention the four times I went to Iceland and had lovely encounters with its rugged but sweet horses.

As mentioned in my previous blogpost, at the time I was also working on a self portrait project during the days of corona lockdown. I came up with the name ‘Quaranzine’ (a zine during quarantine ;p) and was pretty pleased with myself for finding this name, so even if just for the name, this project would also be made into a zine.

So, four projects, four zines. Days of selecting photos, trying to find long lost photos on old hard-drives (damn my old unorganised self!), deciding to re-edit photos, and lay-outing later, the zines were ready for a trial order. And when they arrived on my doorstep a bit over a week later, I was actually pretty pleased with the result. The zines looked very polished, so I decided to put them up for sale.

If you’re interested in supporting this mad photographer, you can find the zines and my previously published books on Blurb. Eternal sunshine and happiness will come your way if you do! ;)

I am definitely thinking about doing some more in the future, maybe I will do some every 3 or 4 months… It would also be a good way to push me a bit out of my comfort zone and try different types of photography. I remember for example having a lot of fun doing street photography way back in college…

See my zines see my zines oh please would you see my zines

What about you, have you ever made some zines? What was your experience? Or do you have some zine ideas for me for the future? Let me know in the comments! :)

A walk between the cherry trees

Hi guys! How are you all doing? Times are so strange right now, it’s hard to wrap your head around it. One good thing though is that over the past weeks, spring has finally arrived in Belgium, which has made being stuck at home 500% more bearable.

One of my absolute favourite moments of every year is April, when the cherry trees in my neighbourhood start to blossom. This time I decided to make a short video while going out to shoot some self portraits early in the morning. The blossoms are gone right now, but I’m really happy I made a video to have a permanent memory of the beauty that I was lucky to be surrounded with for a few weeks.

And here are a few more photos for your entertainment:

I hope you are all doing well and keeping up the spirits! See you next time. :)

Aurora timelapse

In February I visited Iceland for the second time with some friends. One of them actually mostly joined us for the opportunity to see the Northern Lights, aka Aurora Borealis. While I knew you can’t be sure to see them just by going somewhere north during wintertime, I was definitely hopeful. And our wishes were granted. The first night I noticed something in the sky that I couldn’t quite define. Was it a cloud? I took a picture with a long shutterspeed from the car (very artistic), and it revealed a green spot in the sky! I became the ‘aurora spotter’, pretty much pointing my camera to anything that slightly resembled this strange phenomenon. The second night, the spot became a curve stretching out from the left to the right. And the third night, we spent hours outside freezing our asses off. Because this is what we saw.

Aurora timelapse in Iceland from els vanopstal on Vimeo.